The mission of the Irish Institute of Biosynthesis is to create space and integration for the establishment of this method in the Professional and Therapeutic environment of Psychotherapists in Ireland.

Life Fields

Human personality is shaped by the interaction and the unification of seven principal segments of life. Each of the segments is focused on a different area of life experience and is also manifested differently. Boadella considers 7 Fields of Life, which are fields of experience and expressions of human life, corresponding to 7 segments of the vertebral column. For example, sexuality is a field of life; language is a field of life. These Life Fields occur in 2 forms, which we can see as forming a choice between closed and open systems within the person. The closed system represents Character traps, Bodily blockages and Spiritual contractions. The open system represents Psychic contact, Energetic liveliness and contact to the qualities of the heart. The basic aim of the therapeutic work is to work to the core of the diagram and the associated qualities. Here lies the source of inner strength and saturation. Here is the beginning of the physical, mental and spiritual healing. We go into the biosynthesis of the people, without being prescriptive or interpreting what should be. In the center of this form of therapy is always the client's needs, respect for individual differences and their unique internal resources.
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