The mission of the Irish Institute of Biosynthesis is to create space and integration for the establishment of this method in the Professional and Therapeutic environment of Psychotherapists in Ireland.

What is Biosynthesis:

Biosynthesis is an in-depth Relational Somatic Psychotherapy and Depth Psychology Oriented Psychotherapy which forges a link between somatic or body existence, psychological existence and spiritual essence. Biosynthesis represents a new approach in Somatic Psychotherapy. Founder of Biosynthesis, David Boadella is one of the pioneers and leading representatives of work with the Body in Psychotherapy. Many aspects of Biosynthesis theories and Structure Work have close parallels in recent Neuroscience findings about Mirror Neurons, Empathy and Self- Regulation of the autonomic nervous system. His method has been developed with his wife Silvia Specht Boadella over the last 50 years and currently continues to expand its range of practical applications. In Brussels in October 1998, Biosynthesis was the first Body Psychotherapy method to receive scientific recognition from the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). Biosynthesis means “integration of life”. Biosynthesis encourages organic growth, personal development and spiritual integration. It is a modern psychotherapeutic approach based on an organic integration of the insights of Western psychology, of the teachings of Wilhelm Reich on psychosomatic blocks. This study is a process-oriented path of development, which recognizes the individual as unique and multi-dimensional. It is also inspired by perinatal psychology, embryology and contemporary neurosciences. It integrates Eastern thoughts on energetic channels as well. This method was created by Dr. David Boadella and his wife Dr. Silvia Specht Boadella. They both live in Heiden (Switzerland) – the headquarters for the International Institute for Biosynthesis. The basic focus of Biosynthesis is to integrate three fundamental life processes: Movements connected to the body. Feelings or emotions, Cognition connected to mental functions. The aspect of movement is manifested by the contraction or expansion of muscles, the mental aspect by perception, thoughts and images, and the emotional aspect is connected to the feelings and their bond with the gut. Working with the psyche, the aim is to integrate feeling, thinking and acting. These are the three most important factors that form and shape an individual. Biosynthesis also relates to the human potential hidden within a trauma, as well as the function of somatic resonance and interpersonal presence. The central concept of biosynthesis is the existence of three main energy currents in the body associated with three layers of germ cells in the embryo (ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm), from which form the different organs. These energy chains are expressed as: Physical existence. Mental experience. The spiritual essence. In a healthy or mature state, this process happens smoothly. Tensions and traumas experienced in utero and post-uterine hinder the integration of these three currents and its free flow, causing the emergence of the disorder. In Biosynthesis, when we work with the body, we use these principles as the basis of functional embryology, integrating and coordinating breathing patterns, muscle tone and emotional expression, thus connecting three key areas of our human quality: our somatic existence, our psychological experience and our essence. Biosynthesis is based on the organic growth, working with movements like undulating forms of breath to release blocked intentions and stimulate new embodiments of the psyche, called postures of the soul. Biosynthesis emphasizes qualities present on the client as well as the role of resonance, presence of organic and therapeutic encounter. The bio-spiritual principle of Biosynthesis emphasizes the aspect of compassion for each other, based on a clear contact, based on the essential qualities of daily existence. What psychotherapeutic methods does Biosynthesis use? David Boadella - founder of biosynthesis - is one of the pioneers and leading representatives of work with the body in psychotherapy. His style is based on the teachings of Wilhelm Reich, with whom he knew personally. Boadella is one of the pioneers of body-work, a sort of first generation, who discovered patterns of relationship between the body and the psyche. He was the first who invited Alexander Lowen to Europe. Boadella became critical of the Reichen method based mainly on the conscious exercise of emotional discharge. From the beginning he was aware of the limits of this work based solely on an emotional release and discharge. He has increasingly emphasized the need for integration of experiential work and movement into consciousness. Therefore he developed his own direction, Biosynthesis, whose main principles are procedural approach and integration of emotions, cognition and physical symptoms. The work is based on internal signals and physical manifestations while using various techniques to develop consciousness. Rather than focusing on pathology Biosynthesis focuses on internal resources.
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