We offer a number of psychotherapeutic trainings and workshops for both general and specialized public including a 2 Year PQ Diploma in Somatic and Depth Psychology Oriented Psychotherapy  and 3-Day Introductory Workshops to Biosynthesis Body Psychotherapy.

3 Day Workshop 5th-7th February 2016

A Transformational Process: Transition and rituals in Biosynthesis Body Psychotherapy

The Irish Institute for Biosynthesis are delighted to welcome our International Senior Trainers Dr. Joke van de belt ECP and Gabriele Hoppe ECP. Both have co-facilitated EAP Biosynthesis Trainings with founder Dr. David Boadella for over 30 years collectively.

In the life of a human being there are numerous transitions. Some transitions are conscious: others take place on a more unconscious level.
The society in which we live is changing fast and the role from the Institutes who were in earlier days responsible for guiding us through transitions and performing rituals, are not prominent any more (as for example the church). More and more we are looking for new forms of guidance for ourselves and for our clients trough transitions.

In therapy we deal all of the time with transitions. Especially in the Biosynthesis we are working according to the theory of the three grounds and how to build bridges. Here the aspect of empathic contact and communication is creating the important bridge between the three grounds, for building a trustground, safety and value for the client to go through a transition.

In this workshop we offer an exploration of these aspects on a theoretical level, experiential level and also in creating ones own ritual.

5th-7th February 2016
Cost: €300

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