We offer a number of psychotherapeutic trainings and workshops for both general and specialized public including a 2 Year PQ Diploma in Somatic and Depth Psychology Oriented Psychotherapy  and 3-Day Introductory Workshops to Biosynthesis Body Psychotherapy.

3 Day Workshop 10th-12th June 2016

The Liberation of Action: Developmental Trauma Healing & recent findings in Neuroscience

Attracta Gill MA MIAHIP ECP along with International Trainers of Biosynthesis look forward to presenting this workshop.

Neuroscience is the scientific field of study of the activities and links between behavior and brain activity. Through neuroscience research we have come to understand that a great deal of human mood and other mental activity, originates through the activity of what are called neural networks or pathways in the brain. Biosynthesis Body Psychotherapy is increasingly able to draw on the findings of neuroscience to both increase its efficacy and to explain how it takes positive effect.

We now know that there are two forms of memory, explicit (consciously known) and implicit (unconsciously known). According to Schore (2011), most impact and change happens in the right hemisphere implicit communication domain because pre-verbal experience, which is primarily right hemisphere based, makes up the core of the developing self. From a scientific perspective, we understand explicit memory better and frequently use therapeutic methods such as CBT and other issue-focused counselling approaches to work at this level. When it comes to implicit memory however, there is a need for therapeutic methods that can access the unconscious triggers that underly entrenched, returning or profound difficulties, stuckness or developmental blocks. As our earliest memories are implicit, this level of memory underpins all experiences and has already begun assimilating experience in uterus, before birth. Primary associations between intimacy, anxiety, love and shame are forged in early implicit memory and become the core of our attachment schema and our ability to regulate emotions. It is important therefore that we can find ways and methods that reach this level of therapeutic engagement to redress traumatic or difficult experience.

Current Research in Neuroscience offers evidence to support the view that the dyadic intersubjective communication process holds supremacy over structural, insight and solutions-focused approaches. In this workshop therapists will experience a landscape of possibilities and expressions for the client to reconnect to his/her own resources through the intellect of the Body and by integrating some methods and theory of Biosynthesis Body Psychotherapy.

10th-12th June 3pm-9pm (10th) 9.30-6pm (11th/12th)
Cost €300

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